Casey McClellan
January 3, 2012 | Casey McClellan

Happy New Year: Sabler le Champagne!

Wishing peace, happiness and prosperity to all in 2012!

Casey McClellan, ably aided by Regan McClellan and a trusty machete/saber

We welcomed the new year by celebrating at home with family and a bottle of our favorite Oregon Sparkler, skillfully opened by Casey with his saber (yes, technically it was a machete).

Seven Hills is delighted to be included in Alder Yarrow’s suggested New Year’s Resolutions for Wine Lovers at Fine Cooking—a great way to start the year!

Our thanks to all of you who chose, shared & gifted Seven Hills wine this last year; we look forward to sharing our love of wine with you for years to come.

Casey & Vicky



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